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Performance Map

Where in the UK has Meowgical Rosie performed so far? Let’s fill up the map and share as many smiles as possible!

✨Inverness ✨Elgin ✨Glasgow ✨Edinburgh ✨Manchester ✨Birmingham ✨Cardiff ✨London ✨Brighton ✨Portsmouth ✨ Liverpool ✨ Newcastle ✨

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Grab your starlight wand and get ready to transform! Meowgical Rosie is a pop idol from Scotland inspired by J-pop and anime. With the power of kitten magic, her goal is to spread smiles and sparkles wherever she goes!

Real Name: Rosabelle
Magical Girl Name: Meowgical Rosie
Age: Eternally 19!
Height: 170cm
Birthday: October 2nd

One bored summer day in 2014, Meowgical Rosie dressed up and danced in front of a camera in her back garden. The video was uploaded to YouTube, and thus she made her idol debut under the name Koneko - the Japanese word for 'kitten' - with her cover of Loving Things from the video game Tomodachi Life. The cover gained attention for its 'cringe' factor, but nevertheless, Rosie was happy to be entertaining people.

From 2015 to 2020, Rosie created a name for herself as the local 'anime girl' street performer in her hometown of Inverness, alongside fellow members of idol group INV48. With both head members of the group being autistic, INV48 were invited to perform at the city's Autism Pride event in 2017, and held a fundraiser concert for local organisation ARGH (Autism Rights Group Highland) in 2019. Today, INV48 has disbanded, but Meowgical Rosie continues to be open about her autism in hopes of inspiring other neurodivergent people.

In 2016, Meowgical Rosie took a trip to Tokyo where she was lucky enough to appear on the Japanese TV show YOUは何しに日本へ?(Why Did You Come to Japan?), and again in 2020 when the TV crew came to Scotland.

Street performing took Rosie to the Royal Mile at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2018 and 2019, where she performed for festival goers from across the world. Outside of street performing, Meowgical Rosie has been performing at anime conventions all over the UK since 2019. She released her first original song 'Kitten!!' in 2020, with more on the way to look forward to!